Sustainable. Artisan. Easy. Delivered.

Share Farm brings friends, neighbors, chefs and farmers together at one table — yours.

We partner with regional farmers to deliver high-quality, chef-created meal kits to your kitchen. With step-by-step instruction videos for every single recipe, you don't need to be a chef to eat like one.

How it Works


Choose Your Meal

All our recipes are chef-created and tested. With new recipes each week, you can choose what you want, leave what you don't.


Unpack Your Kit

We deliver your choices right to your door. Meal kits are placed in keep-fresh packaging so they're ready when you are. Order now for delivery next week.


Cook with Ease

Highly rated Spokane chefs walk you through video tutorials for each and every step of your recipe. You'll learn new skills and techniques while you conquer the kitchen.


Eat. Enjoy.

We offer flexible ordering so you're never locked into a plan. Order your week's meals based on your schedule and tastes. High quality meals have never been this simple.

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“We believe caring for ourselves will lead to caring for others, our community, and thus the environment. We do this by creating relationships invested in the community, vendors, and markets, which are essential to a healthy community.”

- Vincent Peak, Cofounder

What's in an Eat Like a Chef  kit?

Each box is full of deliciousness and free of stress.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

We partner with cooperatives and inland northwest farmers to bring you fresh, local ingredients. You’ll never wonder where your food is coming from.

Step-by-Step Recipes

We've got your back with simple instructions. No idea what "julienne" is? No worries. Video instructions are available right from your purchase page.

Sweet Cooking Victory

With minimal stress and maximum flavor, you'll create a healthy meal that you can be proud of.

Peace of Mind

With fair buying practices, responsible packaging, route optimization, and sourcing transparency - you'll be eating well while doing good.

Share Farm

Where love of food meets love of community.

Originally a platform allowing seamless transactions between growers and end consumers, Share Farm was founded to more deeply connect local farmers to their communities. Our next step was to add further value and enrich people’s connection to their food with a little help from our region’s best chefs. Marrying community with sustainability, Share Farm provides chef-curated seasonal meal kits and a locally focused, no-commitment marketplace, all with the ease of at-home delivery, making it as easy as possible to eat sustainably, locally, and deliciously.

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Our vision

To inspire home chefs with unique, sustainable products for a memorable gastronomical experience at home, culminating with the idea that it’s possible to build a richer experience with your food and each other. We aspire to build a network of accessible local food sources to continue inspiring culinary experiences and making a sustainable food supply chain accessible to many more.

Our values

We believe in community. Share Farm brings friends, neighbors, chefs and farmers together at one table — yours.

We believe in quality. If it’s not local, it’s exceptional.

We believe in sustainability. We pride ourselves on supplying top-quality products via a conscientious supply chain to maximize freshness and quality while minimizing waste and environmental impact. 


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