About Us


Peace of Mind

For Consumers: At the crossroads of farm fresh and artisanal grocery, Share Farm caters a chef-led experiential approach to meal kits and online marketplaces. The ease of at-home delivery provides you with more time to cultivate your experience, with comfort of knowing your produce is sustainably sourced and almost always local.

For Companies: Creating innovative and flexible food service solutions, Share Farm allows State and Federal organizations to mobilize the right people, skills and technologies. Our platforms focus on developing robust, secure and stable solutions that bring greater ease to food service operations.

Our Values

We Believe...

In community. Share Farm brings friends, neighbors, chefs and farmers together at one table — yours.

In quality. If it’s not local, it’s exceptional.

In sustainability. We pride ourselves on supplying top-quality products via a conscientious supply chain to maximize freshness and quality while minimizing waste and environmental impact. 


Memorable Experiences

For Consumers: It's our mission to inspire home chefs with unique and sustainable products for a memorable gastronomical experience at home, culminating with the idea that it’s possible to build a richer experience with your food and each other.We aspire to build a network of accessible local food sources to continue inspiring culinary experiences and making a sustainable food supply chain accessible to many more.

For Companies: Share Farm's vision is to restore our local communities through sustainable food systems, allowing for the preservation of the environment and the restoration of health, wealth and investment back into local communities. Share Farm leverages technology to simplify the distribution chain from Farm to Chef and Government contract, providing members with unprecedented supply and demand insights.

Our Story

Enriching Connections

Originally a platform allowing seamless transactions between growers and end consumers, Share Farm was founded to more deeply connect local farmers to their communities. Our next step was to create Eat Like a Chef in order to add further value and enrich people’s connection to their food with a little help from our region’s best chefs. Marrying community with sustainability, Share Farm provides chef-curated seasonal meal kits and a locally focused, no-commitment marketplace, all with the ease of at-home delivery, making it as easy as possible to eat sustainably, locally and deliciously. 

Vince Peak launched Share Farm in 2015 as a solution to remove barriers between local producers and the community. Vince’s education and professional background has served as the catalyst for Share Farm’s continued devotion to innovating sustainable food systems, while his personal ventures as an herbalist maintains his drive for quality local produce. 

As a chef who has helmed nearly a dozen different restaurants in his two decades in the industry, Adam Hegsted has been a forceful advocate and pioneer for thoughtful local eating. He brings that passion to Share Farm and to the Eat Like a Chef experience. Hegsted seeks to recreate in local home kitchens the experience he tries to bring to his restaurants. Local ingredients wherever possible, and exceptional products no matter what.


Eric Kobe brings a background in sales marketing and a passion for local food and sustainability to the Share Farm platform. His genius for marketplace expansion means that home chefs nation-wide can experience easy and sustainable gourmet cooking through Share Farm.



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