Mama Torrez Salsa, best in Spokane

Purchasing produce from Vets on the Farm, sourcing locally, and investing in the highest quality produce possible Mama Torrez is a true community champion.
Fred and Gilda Meyer, married for the last 40 years, have been making authentic and native Leon Mexican salsa for the past few decades, and Spokane agrees this is the best salsa in town!

Hailing from San Bernardino, the couple came to the great Pacific Northwest for a visit 20 years ago and fell in love with the people, the atmosphere, and the culture, and never left.

The couple began as entrepreneurs and raised their family by starting the first Mexican market, “El Mercado.” Though the business struggled to keep traction during 2008, the Meyers made a strategic pivot and decided to perfect an age-old family salsa recipe and brought it to market. As a child, Gilda was raised with eight other siblings. Her mother taught her how to cook at a young age and do it well. She took this passion and devotion of providing quality food for her family, and created a very unique and satisfying brand of salsa.

Thus began their journey with Mama Torrez Salsa: combining a passion for providing the highest quality goods and garnering true customer satisfaction. The meticulous process of making authentic salsa starts by purchasing only the highest quality produce (primarily from Vets on the Farm.) Then, every step is completed by hand: washing, chopping,and processing all the way to packaging. Mama Torrez works hard to maintain the highest standards. Even the tortillas are hand-cut and baked to make their delicious tortilla chips. Gilda follows these steps to ensure others can experience true, authentic Leon Mexican salsa just like her mother made. Despite many complications, risky investment proposals, and barriers to entry they persevered in an unstable market.

Now, their brand can be found throughout Spokane at Main Market Co-op, My Fresh Basket, and Pooles Public House. Additionally, you can locate their product May through October at Fairwood Market on Tuesdays, Kendal Night Market on Wednesdays, South Perry Market on Thursdays, Emerson-Garfield Market on Fridays, and Liberty Lake Market on Saturdays (please refer to these Farmer’s Market to find the exact operating times of each day.)