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Share Farms mission is to improve small farm distribution, agronomic practices, quality and food safety management to bring farm to fork to the procurement level.

• Food Distribution Logistics
• Technology-focused supply chain
• Lean procurement model
• In-State/Local food sourcing • Emergency food boxing


Share Farm Offerings

Food Service


Share Farm was founded to help connect small farms and Minority farmers to a larger market using an inclusive, digital supply chain and existing distribution infrastructure to create a dynamic digital marketplace and expand local offerings.

Share Farm’s technology-driven procurement platform aggregates large orders from in-State, small/minority farms. Our digital tools allow for food sourcing for high volume, aggregate procurement while improving agronomic practices, quality and food safety management at the farm level.

• Local, sustainable, large volume sourcing
• Prioritizing local, small, and minority-owned farms
• Forecasted supply and demand predictions

Share Farm is a full service food contractor. We manage all aspects of supply chain logistics. We source, fill, pack, secure and distribute all aspects of cooked, uncooked, frozen and raw food goods.

Meal Kits


We deliver your choices right to your door while highly-rated Spokane chefs walk you through video tutorials for each and every step of the meal's recipe.

Food Boxes


Sourcing produce, meat, and dairy from local purveyors, Share Farm is helping farmers and food producers by buying surplus food products and distribute directly to our community members who are food insecure.

Share Farm

Where love of food meets love of community.

“We believe caring for ourselves will lead to caring for others, our community, and thus the environment. We do this by creating relationships invested in the community, vendors, and markets, which are essential to a healthy community.”

- Vincent Peak, Cofounder

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