Ace of Spades Farm

Alexander Ekins and Amy Dolomont are revitalizing 4th generation family land located atop the Palisades four miles west of downtown Spokane, Washington USA. Ace of Spades Farm is committed to supporting the creation of healthy communities in Spokane by cultivating the finest of nutrient dense culinary ingredients through biologically intensive and ecologically restorative practices.

Through ethically designed methods of soil building, Ace of Spades Farm creates prosperous, ecosystem regenerative and nutritional abundance. We practice no till, no tractor, no chemical natural farming. Ace of Spades Farm operates as a functional permaculture market garden that will:

  • Always care for the needs of others Always care for the needs of the earth
  • Always reinvest surplus into the care of people and the earth
  • NEVER use genetically modified seed for plant or feed
  • NEVER use synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers
  • NEVER mistreat or disrespect an animal Uses no tractors Uses only hand tools Uses no free laborAlexander Ekins, founder and steward of Ace of Spades Farm, is a Certified Permaculture Designer by Permaculture Research Institute Director Geoff Lawton. He also served as President and V.P. of the Board of Directors for LINC Foods. Amy Dolomont, owner and steward of Ace of Spades Farm, is a Certified Floral Designer by Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston, MA