Snacktivist Foods


Leading the charge for heirloom, handcrafted dry mixes, locally sourced from the Palouse, Snacktivist makes you feel great by providing the highest quality products creating a win-win for the customer.

Snacktivist has been a forerunner in meeting community demand for the highest quality, dry mix ingredients ranging from cookies and breads to even falafel (yes, you should know what this is, yum!)

Joni and Roy Kindwall-Moore hail from Montana, have been together for almost 20 years, and have been crafting and pairing ingredients at Snacktivist Foods. The focus of the company is creating ideal flavors that compliment your palate and provide high levels of nutrient-dense, bioavailable ingredients. Their family of four is all too aware of food allergens and have countered the attack by hand-crafting ingredients and augmenting gluten-free flavor profiles as well as offering wheat-based products for those so inclined.

Joni and Roy both work as nurse practitioners in Kootenai County ICU (Intensive Care Unit.) Their jobs do not offer much room for relaxation or down time. To counteract this high intensity job, the couple and their two children run the local dry mix company in Liberty Lake.

Joni, a botanist and scientist by trade, has devoted her time to studying the taste and texture profiles of ingredients and how to pair them into sensational flavors. This is a very involved process of the nutraceutical practice of utilizing the chemical properties of plants and grains as substitutes of the flavors we love. This means that Joni has developed proprietary ingredients that act and respond like traditional ingredients which she formulates into gluten-free recipes. Essentially, in short, she is a food guru and baking wizard!

Roy, a Marine Corps veteran, is a man of many trades and talents and has devoted his life to supporting his family by providing them access to the highest quality nutrient dense food. Working effortlessly to maintain the highest standards for his, and the community’s, nutritional access. He handmixes and prepares the products at Snacktivist which requires hours of input to ensure he meets his standard of premier quality assurance.

The impact and future goals of Snacktivist exceeds quality baking standards yet their goals are set higher on the horizon. Their company, Green Eats Global, is more than a regional food system. This program spans into a national food system and distributional access for food vendors. The couple will be implementing a national directory that connects farmers and vendors within an integrated distribution channel allowing for commercial level access to fair-trade, heirloom ingredients. Their instagram is full of goodies and information.